NASA Solar System Exploration Website

NASA Our Solar System

While searching for a website that is useful for observing the solar system, I found the NASA Solar System Exploration website. The landing page rotates through all of the planets in our solar system and provides quick facts about each planet. Currently, listed below this display are facts telling the time until a total lunar eclipse, number of planets in our solar system, and number of planets beyond our solar system. Another number listed describes the one-way light time to Voyager 1. The Voyager 1 space probe was launched by NASA in 1977, and it is the human-made object that is furthest from Earth. The webpage contains dropdown bars for the Solar System, Planets, Moons, and Asteroids, Comets, & Meteors. These options make it easy to quickly explore essential elements of space and learn about them in depth. For example, from reading into some planets and asteroids, I found that each individual page contains the same key sections; Overview, In Depth, Exploration, and Galleries. When comparing it to other websites that provide similar information, I believe that the NASA Solar System Exploration website is the best site to reference. It is easy to navigate and provides an abundance of information in a format that isn’t too overwhelming. I would recommend it to anybody trying to build a foundation of knowledge about space!

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